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Download Mirrors

Installation procedure:
Please see install.txt in the packed archive and consult the readme file. Thank you & enjoy!

Note: Please report a new download mirror to me. Thanks.

Required Game/Addons for Island:
Arma3: install Arma 3 with the latest patch. Since authors of A3 "forgot" to include A2 assets you need a hefty 7.5GB+ addon that adds all the new buildings and other objects. That is all gathered in an addon called CUP Terrains Core (successor of AiATP/A3MP).
Download links for CUP Terrains Core are available by pressing this button:

Legacy (Arma 2 product): Install A2: Combined Arms or A2+Arrowhead DLC. All required addons are already included in the pack, CUP Terrains is NOT required.
Arma 3
Latest: v3.9 (Island, 252 MB 7Zip)
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Requirements: You need to install a following dependency addon: CUP Terrains Core!

Be advised: Units for A3 are available in a separate addon named FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack Units)!

Arma 2/Arrowhead
v1.97 Full (Island + Units) (450 MB) (450 MB)

v1.95 Lite (Island / No Units) (219 MB)