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Jade Groove


Jade Groove is a post-apocalyptic island on a 10x10km map. Only few people survived the nuclear holocaust. A scarce population is fighting for last resources, including gas that equals money in this post-apocalyptic world.

What is Jade Groove all about?

Land is having a terrible time. Raging wars tore up the planet and only few survivors now fight for the resources in order to survive. Oil reserves dried up, food was in short supply, and things were generally looking pretty grim. After uprisings due to energy shortages which destabilized the country, gangs began to terrorize the remaining survivors all over Jade Groove. Its only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage that will survive...

There are only couple of towns remaining on this map. Mercenaries arrived to island via Rockley Airport and they also set their base there. In short span of few weeks they managed to take over 6 of the strategic points - oil pumps. And thats all that matters to them. Police is protecting the survivors in Justice Port and by travelling out means a lot of risk for them. Raiders are a strong local group of punks and their gang is scavenging around for useful stuff. They are known as cruel folks and very few people that encountered them can now tell you about it.

Project got released in record time (as you can see the desert is not too hard to make ;) and first served for internal squad role playing similiar to Mad Max movies. It can be a lot of fun in TvTvT and Coop, too. Not to mention racing ;)

Jade Groove


1.0 - various optimizations, new textures
- smoothed out roads
- new objects placed
- added mountain pass road on NE with new settlement on top
- added new sector South with settlement, compound and couple of farms
- added garbage/salvage camps
- added two "camping" places for base/camp placement

- updated ground/satellite textures
- altered heights of mountains (not 100% done yet)
- terrain improvement (more altitude variations)
- added gas pumps, factory complex, two villages
- added old prison
- various bugfixes

- public test release
0.5, 0.7
- internal SBP Team release, testing


Four groups formed:
MFP (Main Force Patrol): The crumbling remnants of the government created a tiny, underfunded group of special highway patrol officers (MFP) to try and restore order to the Jade Groove highways. They use fast Interceptor II cars. Their area of operations is all over the island, but they like to be near their HQ in Justice Port (SW of the map).

RAIDERS: the largest gang on island. They are terrorizing the already scarce local population, vandalizing property and stealing fuel and vehicles. They love to scavenge and they hate cops (MFP). They use custom-upgraded V8 cars that can cope with fast MFP police vehicles. Their HQ is in Dogtown (SE of the map).

MERC (Mercenaries, AI only): biggest part of the country is controlled by them. They open fire on anyone in order to protect the fuel/equipment. They control all of the compounds, but their focus is to the Northern part of the island. They use US eqiupment and army vehicles. Their HQ is in Rockley (NW).

CRAZIES (AI only): they lost everything and don't trust anyone anymore. They open fire on anyone approaching them. They wear old civilian clothes and use various personal weapons to protect their lives.


Not much remains in the desert except bushes and cacti trees. Scenery is a bit greener where fresh water is available (towns).

Military Installations

Biggest strategic importance have oil pumps at 6 locations and three gas stations. Secondary are army bases with two airports for air operations. Towns are mostly abandoned and offer shelter from scorching sun. There is a big mountain town at he middle of the map that is also strategically important.


Only smaller towns that can be found near highways. Mostly abandoned or guarded by crazy folks. Raiders killed off most of the folks so ghosts towns remain.

Sightseeing Tips

You're kidding right? Its post-nuclear environment. Well, we would encourage you to travel by car if it would not be so dangerous. Roads can be very dangerous, especially with all the debris around. And any skid off the road can end in a nearby rock. Air assets are mostly not available except small but versatile gyro planes. A nice Morrowtown is only friendly looking place, everything else south of it is desert, rocks and remains of civilization. Oh, there is a nice fresh-water lake in the NE desert, but we wouldn't recommend swimming in it due to radiation. Fuel stations can be found at several places, but they offer gas at very high prices or are even rigged with explosives (reserved for owner use only).

Mission Ideas

Island v1.0+ comes with a mission JadeWars that is a mission that can be played in all modes: SP/Coop or TvT! Be sure to check it out. Other mission ideas: defend outpost, escort fuel convoy to the distant town, find and destroy gang camps, search and rescue, etc.


  • IceBreakr (heightmap, textures, placement, research)
  • El Diablo (object templates, ideas & research)
  • Berghoff (great cacti & bush vegetation pack, included with his permission)
  • IceWindo (Raider model and Crazy Loner, based on Sahrani A1 Civilians converted to A2)
  • Sigma-6 (MFP & Raiders car model)
  • CSJ (Gyrocopter pack, permission to include it with island)
  • PeterGrozni (ideas, help)
  • RStratton (config help)
  • Sgt.Elias (config & sound help, Interceptor car)
  • ANZACSAS Steve (config & sound help, Interceptor car)
  • Dead3yez the author of turbo speed script used by both sides' cars.
  • Maj Z. did the wooden jump ramp.
Special thanks to all beta testers, without you this project just wouldn't be the same. Thank you: SBP Team, Maj Z., Minimalaco, and others. And last but not at least: to Bohemia Interactive Studio crew for making ArmA 2 and their continuous support and dedication!